Thursday, 21 May 2015

lonicera x tellmanniana

It's shaping up to be a good summer, I planted this back in june 2013.

later that year It only grew one flower it was beautiful

I never noticed what was behind the flower head it has a complete circular leaf formed around its stem, I have never seen a honey suckle like this before this year its covered  in buds. later in the year its going to be stunning, I  need to  get some more trelis to help support it.
Originally it was at the front of the house planted on the end of a hedge which stopped at the front corner on our  carport that we had     ( now long gone ) It just never grew well at all and never flowered.

The hedge was taking all the  nutrients from the soil . When I took down the carport and removed the hedge, I dug out the what was left of a sorry looking honeysuckle I planted its remains  into  a large pot,  threw it down the far end of the garden  while I built  the new fence and completely forgot it till  the following spring. 

I then planted it where it it now, it's now catching the early morning sun till early afternoon  this is the results , bought from a supermarket  for a £1  bargain. I am so glad it has survived. 

Thursday, 7 May 2015

busy little bee

after the gales of the last few days  I was walking around our garden looking for  wind damage luckily found none, but spotted this little chap busily working the apple blossom on my tree. I popped straight indoors grabbed the camera and snap him before he could move on just look at the size of his pollen sack  crammed full, nature at its best, love it.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

New quality fence panels

Well its about time I posted here again , I have a new shed arriving in mid may . Sorry guys  no post on building a new shed. Its proved  cheaper  to buy one this time  rather than build one,  thats  a sign of the times hey.  I have to move things around in the garden to make room for a green house later on, (edwins fault). Unfortunately for me the sunniest spot in the garden for the greenhouse is where we have a large tin shed, its too large to be moved and fitted elsewhere in the garden so it has to go, but before that I have to store it contents, hence the new shed.  The only place for the shed means more work for me first replacing two fence panels.

Started making them today,   the garden centre that I usually  buy all my garden materials from has now closed down which is a real pity  they only sold quality products, I cannot  source these panels elsewhere in southern England only cheaper flimsy version, crap.

Luckily,  I have timber stored  from when we removed one of our decks when we erected our conservatory a few years ago.

Framework all cut and assembled ready for tomorrows featheredge boarding.

Ok   Here we go again,  today lovely sunny day time to crack into the panels  and nail  the feather edged  boarding  as seen  on the right.

I used 40 mm wire nails  you can use  ring shank nails if you wish but  its not really necessary, your choice.

First I set up a sliding square to space each individual boarding at the right space  to match the existing panels that I already have.

My panels are 2m square  you will have to decide what spacing you require  depending on the  size of the panels  you  may already have,  or this maybe decided  if your matching existing panels, or  again possible just filling a cap in hedging, or  similar.

Shown on the left panel partly completed  with square setup to decide correct spacing for board spacing, with my spacing  I used 18 boards  to complete a 2m panel width.

Heres both panels are now completed,  all that left to do is machine out two capping  strips to fit to  the top edge of panel its main purpose is  to run of any rain water to stop the end of the feather edge from rotting over a period of time.

Now both panels are complete, its now time to remove the old panels and concrete gravel boards and cut back all the brambles from the the side of the panels.  Number one son is not available till monday night to help lift these panel into position as these are very heavy, I need to slide these panels down a concrete groove in the posts which will take three of us, two to lift these into the groove.

OK  there made,  now its time to lift out the old panels, well lift out maybe a slight exaggeration  fall out is nearer the truth.

Now to attack the undergrowth next door and chop back all the massive brambles.   Corner post  which was concreted into position some ten years ago when I put up the original  rear fence. Now its settled and has gone out of plumb as can be seen  in the photo.  I drilled a 10mm hole through the top of the post and  into the other post as well just out of shot in this photo I then  bought four 125mm eye bolts and pulled it back plumb again with a straining wire.

The existing panels  were only 1m high  with about four 150mm concrete gravel boards under each of them in this corner many years ago I had a small compost  heap  hence the concrete boards to stop early rot of the panels, one  still clearly seen in this photo these were all  removed, they will be used elsewhere  in the garden later.

Ok  it now monday night  myself and my son Ian lift the panels up and straight into position  with no struggling at all, both panels fitted with ease first time as well which was very  nice.

Well here they are  fitted finishing the back fence off  properly, now  the composted area has now gone  and it has  become a completed  full 2m high fence which returns around the corner, ready  for when I  remove the last hedge,  but that another post.

Now they're finished and fitted its completed  this corner nicely, next   I have to remove and store this pile of timber and concrete gravel boards  elsewhere  clearing  the decking area ready for my new shed to arrive in mid may. enjoy.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

End of season veg

Well here we are mid October, Were just back from our Holidays in Holland, been back a few days now so today it was time to gather in the remaining  harvest, next week  I'll  start prepping the garden  for the winter clear all the old runner bean plants old tomato bags  De-weed the the garden from the last three weeks growth etc, then.

Its that time of year to get  decorating again, bedrooms this year, plus back into the workshop to start  a  complete refurbishment  of an old Elu Mitre chop saw  you can follow this refurbishment over on my blog theworkshop parts are ordered  so in about ten days OK, in the mean time its back to the garden.

The last of the over rip tomatoes, if we had been away any longer they would have been  past use.  These will just about be enough to make a small tomato soup, six plant done really well this year, but not as good as other years.

The green  toms were all that was left over  not sure  as yet  on what ill use these for probable some diabetic  sugar free chutneys.

Golden delicious the last of this years   fruits these have done especially well this year, the best  for about four years, we've  had two other picking a few weeks ago  some went to a friend near by and the other went to Holland to Louise's.

I always leave the wind falls to nature  birds and bees  you know  that sort of thing, the apple shown here will be sorted carefully into eaters and the others boiled down into apple sauce, and the remaining one's made into apple tarts etc, yummy.

last  but not least the remaining  stringy runner beans now long past eating, as shown here to dry and shrivel  out over the following months, yep you guessed it next years  planting beans hopefully.

This years disasters, all the  red and yellow pepper plants, all the  basil plants, total disasters,  four of the twelve rosemary cuttings  never made it, but the others seem to be doing fine, all four  clematis are doing fine and so are the three honeysuckles  doing well.

This only leaves my first attempt at growing  Celery still to be cut as when needed, what do you think?.

All the above was grown without any chemical assistant, no fertilizers pesticides etc  and no water from the mains either, all water came from my water butts, any recipes that may come from the  above will in time appear over on Simply Organic.


Sunday, 18 August 2013

late, first pick of the year

It's the first pick of the year albeit a small pick 290g  just big enough for a small feed for  tomorrow  evenings meal.  My first attempt  in just over forty years.  This year is a pure experiment  these  runner bean plants  were purchased from the local garden center  rather late in the season as I never had any  bean seeds of my own..

After getting the garden back to somewhere near normal the removal of a very large hedge,  the construction of  the new fence and the building of our conservatory we decided to go totally Organic. We have lived here for nearly seventeen  years  with  no chemical being used in the garden in that time  and  with out growing any vegetable at all.

Now that we  are organic  we decided  to grow only a few vegetables  this year  to start with without the use of any  chemicals to  make  the plants produce more the only water used was from  water butts no water at all from a hose pipe, to see what the ground could yield.

As can be seen the ground has produce a good healthy plant, plenty of flowers  still left to turn into bean pods,  hmm but very late in the season,   I do hope not to late in the season to give good fruiting results.

I have noticed a neighbour several  door up the road also has runner  beans in flower at about the same stage as mine perhaps its a late season this year  and the bean are not to  late to produce a good crop.

Time will tell on that one   I suppose  as the season progresses.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

yet again more herbs

Well it started this week with  transplanting my   coriander seedling. The results its still a little early to criticise   they don't look like there going to make it but , lets wait and see.

So out and about the garden centers  looking for Lemon verbena  plants, we found a couple of plants  but there sort of end of season conditions,  not great but that don't matter as were not expecting to get any use out of these plants this year, give it chance to get established  ready for next year with all new growth.

Seen here with the two remaining  honey suckles we bought last week,  we have decided to pot grow these as well still awaiting a pot   that why we were out searching the garden centers looking for the right sized pot to house both of them in one pot.

lemon verbena on the left  the other s honey suckles. while we looking for the right size pots  we found some nice young  Basil seedlings.

My two previous attempts to grow Basil from seeds failed miserable a total failure  nothing grew at all,  needless to say  I  bought two small trays, this started me potting and planting, Not just the Basil seedling  but,  I also cut a load of  rosemary cutting for next years plants and potted and planted both on at the same time.

 These are to be  grown on as Indoor  pot plants

These  I will grow on Outdoors to be transplanted later to the garden once established in early spring next year .

My present rosemary plant is getting a little big  in its present position. While we are sitting in the garden it blocks  a good view of the lovely roses behind it, so before I rip out the old plant  I have taken  load of new cuttings  which I want to  get established  before i do so.

pink roses on the left, red roses directly  behind

last week-this week

Nice increase in size  for a weeks watering we have had some heavy rain this week  on the  the days we didn't  I only use rainwater from my water butts, no chemicals used or  liquid feeds, purely Organic. 

last week
this week